A featured Himalayan cat Odonata Himalayans

Odonata Himalayans

We're located in North Central Texas and specialize in top quality Himalayan Persian bloodlines. We work with National, Regional, DM, Grand Champion, and Champion winning lines blended in our pedigrees and are very proud to have such wonderful bloodlines as Co-Bridge, Oakheaven, Catley Crue, Prancenpaws, Martinicki, Karabel, Marhei, Tehi, and Joleigh just to name a few. 

We are registered with CFA and TICA and are dedicated to producing healthy, cats with beautiful, sweet, wide open expressions and loving personalities. We breed for type, head, as well as body structure, ensuring consistency with the CFA breed standard.

We produce high quality, healthy, happy kittens that are raised with constant love and attention in our home and underfoot.  Our cats and/or their parents are DNA/PKD negative and FELV-FIV negative.

We only produce a few litters a year and from time to time we have kittens available for adoption. We allow them to be adopted for a very low adoption fee. Kittens that are available for adoption are listed on the available page. If you are interested in a kitten please tell us a little about yourself and  If you would prefer a mature cat please contact me for information and availability

Please have a look at my Males and Females pages to see some of my beautiful foundation cats.
It is easy to see why the Persian is the most popular breed of cat in the world today.